A few MM Pics (inspired by Gianluca's request)

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Thank you so much, everyone. I am very humbled!

You all are an amazing community, and I will make a point to post more often, once I have figured out how to do it properly LOL...

Thanks to all of you for your warm words. The MM experience has been quite a journey for me. I am truly in love with this camera as a tool for my expression. As I have grown accustomed to it, I have grown to create images that are more to my suiting....what I have found so far is:

1. Older, classic lenses, with lower contrast, seem to do very well in establishing that traditional BW look

2. I do nearly all of my editing in lightroom 4. I generally use the contrast/clarity sliders AFTER using the highlight/shadow sliders (to bring up whites from greys). I find that the black/white sliders then are capable of allowing the photographer to add more pop to the images. Finishing touches come with adjustment of contrast to one's suiting, and clarity to add more pop (though one must take care not to turn the bokeh too harsh...in some cases, I use the brush tool to apply clarity where needed.

3. If people desire, I can post a step-by-step tutorial for image adjustment in LR4.

Once again, thanks to you all. I came over for a quick visit, only to find that this thread seems to have lived on. Thanks to Dinko for posting the images. I don't mind at all. And thanks to all of you, Louis, Gianluca, Peter, Dinko, Raaj, George, Jorge, Tony, Dave, Al, Bijan, Rafael, G2Van, MilSooper, Brian, ehazera, and everyone I may have missed....I am inspired and will promise to share more as I learn more!

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