X-Pro1, X-E1, NEX-6, I have them all

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X-Pro1, X-E1, NEX-6, I have them all

If any of you needs any questions answered

For those who wonder what camera I shot this pic with, it is my beloved D3s with the SB910 flash.

A few quick observations:


Sometimes the Fuji is better than NEX-6 and sometimes the NEX-6 is better. That means when the Fuji can't get the AF to lock, the NEX-6 can and vice versa. AF is much slower and much less accurate than my D3s (to be expected). NEX-6 has a "Flexible Spot" AF mode. If you have the AF Spot rectangle in orange, AF is more accurate. Stuff that it cannot get a focus lock before can now be auto focused. When you're in this mode, you cannot change shutter or aperture value with the dial.

In general, I found that both Fuji and Sony's AF algorithms are vertical contrast sensitive. That means they perform a horizonal pixel scan to detect contrast changes. They cannot resolve anything with horizontal contrast, ie: a black horizontal line with a white background. So like in the DSLR world, you have horizontal and vertical sensitive AF sensors and cross-type sensors. So far these CDAF systems only have "vertical sensitive AF sensors". I think they should improve the algorithm with a "cross-type" AF algorithm in the future.

An interesting thing with NEX-6's PDAF is that it allows AF on a horizontal black line in a light background. It does not work if the black horizontal line is a gray one with less contrast.

Another observation is that when light level is moderate or low, they all struggle to acquire AF or will tell you they have a lock but was in fact not accurate. Fuji appears to be worse with low light AF performance. I see AF jumping all over the place on the distance scale when I AF in moderate light.

Overall, I feel that the NEX-6 AFs better and is more accurate than the Fuji. Both X-Pro1 and X-E1 appear to have the same AF algorithm.


Surprisingly, Fuji renders the colors more accurately than the Sony (both X-E1 and X-Pro1). Sony's WB is tilted to green. Fuji renders just as good as the eyes see the scene. In addition, Sony's EVF has more pixelation giving me the impression of lower resolution, and has moire and jagged edges on diagonal lines. So it'd appear that Sony puts out a lower resolution in the EVF to increase refresh rate of the live view. When I review a photo on the EVF, the Sony EVF is very detailed and color is rich.


Out of the box, Sony has a far better grip. The camera feels more secure in my hand. It is not the most comfortable grip due to the somewhat rectangular shape and the close proximity to the lens. X-E1 with the hand grip feels far more comfortable, but the grip does not feel as secure as the grip on NEX-6. Also, the X-E1 grip is made out of high quality plastic instead of metal.

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