Nikon D7000 Lens dilema

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Re: Nikon D7000 Lens dilema

The 18-55 VR and 55-200 VR combination is a great pairing for the D7000. Nikon's kit lenses are much better than most kit lenses from other manufacturers (Pentax, Sony and Canon for instance), so there is nothing wrong with getting the kit lenses!

The Tamron does not sound like a good choice for you. I suspect the salesman was more interested in his profit margin or comisssion than helping you out.

The Nikon 18-105 VR is a better lens than the 18-55 VR - in some regards. It is sharper across in the corners and is slightly faster to focus as well as having a longer focus range. However it is also much more expensive, bulky and and weighs more. I like the lens but you can do just fine with the 18-55 VR.

You can add a Canon 500D close up filter to that 55-200 VR and get some very good close ups. Not quite macro (more like 0.6 to 0.8 reproduction ratio) but it does very well for most things. It is only about $80 in 52mm threads and is an inexpensive, and lightweight way to add close up capability to your kit. It is good for bugs and flowers and the VR works with the lens attached and that really helps to stabilize your shots. Some of my best macro type shots were taken with my 55-200 VR with either the Canon 500D close up filter or the Marumi 330 +3 close up filter attached.

If you want a dedicated macro that you look at a macro in the 90-105mm range instead of the shorter macros. The 90-105mm range is fairly good for bugs (unlike the 40 and 60mm macros), and flowers and it is not too hard to hand hold (unlike the 150-200mm macro lenses which are much better with a tripod). The Tamron 90 or the Tokina 100 are very hard to beat.

Good luck!

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