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Re: Vernon, yes Epson pigment inks use some dye....

Rkelac wrote:

Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

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according to Jon Cone....

"EPSON printmaking has steadily improved over the years to the point that its pigment inks are now rated for 100 years longevity. EPSON still uses trace dye in some of its color components and we use a ConeColor ink set which is pure pigment to gain an edge on longevity. The surface quality of the EPSON print is "flatter" than IRIS process. However, the process is less expensive when used for color."

Bob P.

Hello Bob, thanks for your reply. Then, logically my question now would be what source (and where or link) did Jon Cone get His information.

I realize that some of the Epson Ink types are some version of Dye ink (used in selected Models of Epson printers) but what I am asking is to refer (and read) the initial source of this information that is in compliance with (and admitted to) by Epson regarding their Pigment Inks used in the Pigment Printers such as the 3880.

If the various printer Mfgr's (Epson, Canon, etc) made their specific ink formulations public then others would (should) be able to exactly duplicate the OEM inks. I don't believe that information is being "Openly" published or made available.

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OK. I'll try again.

In the Material Safety Data Sheets, Epson is required by US regulatory requirements to list what is in their ink. They are not very detailed but they list dye and pigments as one of their ingredients. Here is the link for the 3880 inks:

The Material Safety Data Sheets are not new to me.  I should have mentioned that several months ago I reviewed the mentioned "Epson Material Safety Data Sheets" for one of my Epson Pigment Printer Models -- and you certainly are correct that "they definitely are not very detailed" and they probably don't mention the quantity ingredients regarding the included DYE at the above link which I have not referred to yet.  Evidently, there is only enough information supplied in order to "squeeze by" the mentioned Regulatory Requirements.  I assume you have not seen/read any such information included to the consumers that purchase (for example) Epson OEM inks for the 3880.  In fact, some of the Epson printer Model Ink cartridges don't even reveal the quantity let alone anything relating to the specific contents and formulation of ingredients.   I have not read any information on the 3880 cartridges regarding the formulation or what is included.

I have respect for the Jon Cone inks and their customer support, however; I would not place a lot of concern either + or - regarding their inks as being reported as not having any DYE content.  The reason -- Either the Espon or Cone 3880 Pigment inks are considered to both have GOOD Longevity -- although I could not quote years for either from memory.

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