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Re: P7700 Auto ISO

cyng wrote:

With the cap on, I can get the ISO to 1600. But, the point is that the exposure time is 1 sec.

I like the "logic" of the Auto ISO for P7700 except when the shutter speed get to the lower end. However, when I set the minimum shutter speed e.g. 1/8, it keeps to this shutter speed and increase the ISO accordingly. I wish Nikon can keep the logic until it hits the minimum shutter speed to increase the ISO accordingly.

With the cap on it isn't going to be able to lock exposure and focus so any results you get are just baloney.  Go into a dark room, maybe lit by a candle, and take a shot.  It will go up to 1600 ISO, and you will get an image that at least, has more detail than your naked eye can resolve.  No it won't be a photo you would want to use for your family Christmas album... LOL.

But seriously, overriding minimum shutter speed on AUTO ISO (or possibly any preset ISO setting) is the camera's last ditch effort to get you a usable image, because if it held to your minimum shutter speed but couldn't increase the ISO, you would just have a black picture.  It's actually somewhat logical.  If you want pictures of blackness, just go to "M" and run with it.  The alternative would be to allow AUTO ISO to go above 1600...  which could be a solution I suppose but above 1600 on this camera, the images are of questionable quality.

May be time to invest in a decent tripod if you haven't already...  

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