Anyone still getting D800 hourglass lockups?

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Re: Anyone still getting D800 hourglass lockups?

Alex_B wrote:

I'm still getting a couple of lockups per shoot. I get them when the camera is on but in 'sleep mode' and upon pressing either live view, or image review buttons I get the blank lcd or hourglass for 10-15sec. I have discovered they can be stopped by ejecting my SD card, switching camera off does not work, removing battery obviously does work. This happens on two sandisk 64gb sd cards, one the 95mb/s the other 45mb/s, both recently bought. 95mb/s card has been replaced, D800 has been replaced, recently bought the 45mb/s card and it makes no difference. Still getting the lockups. I have the current firmware that was released back in May 2012. Also had the 10sec hourglass just after taking a single (not burst) photo on the weekend.The image did not come up for 10seconds.

I have just borrowed a CF card to see if it does the same, thought I would try here and see how people are going with their D800's?

I'm talking with local Nikon distributor. Current thoughts are some user setting causing it or a something specific to sd cards. I shoot a lot of video so the live view lockup is very frustrating.

There is a workaround and that is half pressing the shutter to wake the camera first, before pressing any other buttons. Then I never get any lockups. I have been doing this but in the moment sometimes you forget to half press shutter before going for the live-view button to film something.

Hey Alex. Same with both D800 and D800e. Nikon Canada had no answer when D800 was also in for focus adjustment. They asked what cards I had but didn't make any comment or draw any conclusion for me. After upgrading to D800e after continuing AF issues, the D800e exhibited the same behavior.

Soooo ... I just tried shooting with only CF card and voila ... no more issue. I thus presume that the divergence of write times to an SD card (even top of the line) and CF card (faster) leads to the issue. Soooo .... now I just shoot with the SD slot empty. Sort of a "reverse feature?"

I hope for a firmware solution.

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