Changing from Canon to Nikon, am I forgetting something?

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Re: Changing from Canon to Nikon, am I forgetting something?

get the 70-200 vr (fabulous lens) and a nikon 2x teleconverter. more versatile and i cant reccomend the 80-400. there maybe a refresh soon but the 70-200 plus teleconverter method is the way to go imho.

I'll need to try that because it is the reason why I tool a 1.4x converter that I almost never used (compatibility issues with 5D!). With this lens I do a lot of sport and car shooting so it is crucial to have something that work nicely and with good output.

get the 50mm f1.8 g its really just as good as the 50mm f1.4 g. consider the 85mm f1.8g one of the sharpest lenses nikon makes at 500 dollars its sort of a no brainer. and one of the best lenses to photograph portraits with. if you never do portraits dont get it but otherwise must have

Price difference is ok between 1.4 and 1.8 and might prefer to have this extra aperture... and I don't do much portrait so I'll stick with that.

get the tamron 24-70 2.8 vc. the image stabilaztion is invalueble and it is near as makes no difference as sharp as the nikkor. bokeh quality falls alittle but use the 85mm f1.8 g for medium telephoto shallow dof shots . itll beat the pants off both and the tamron will save you enough money to get it

Here price difference could make a difference but I never had a lens from external makers. I should try once...

your going to freaking love that 14-24 i cant even tell you how much. so good you can hardly believe its as good as it is

I did hesitate a lot with the 17-35 but at the end, I preferred the extra wideness that extra zoom... coming from a 16-35, I'll see if it makes a big difference.

Thanks a lot for all the input!


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