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The blue in my IR shots..

Hey all thanks for your input. I use a Pro90 IS with a 72 filter (dark red) on. Usual exposure is around .5 to 1 second at f4. The image has a red bias with blueish areas in the leaves and flora. Really looks like a color negative (if you remember what those look like - LOL). In Photoshop I switch the red channel and blue channel.

1) Copy blue channel into a new, temporary channel.
2) I copy the red channel and paste it into the blue channel
3) I copy the temp channel and paste into the red channel
4) I apply levels.

That's it. Blue skys...

Hope this helps and thanks again...


dave nitsche wrote:

Hi all. Never posted in his forum before. I am interested in
stepping up my MP count for some IR photography. I use a Canon
Pro90 IS and while the IR results (72 or 87) filter are great the
file size isn't big enough to get nice 8x10+ prints.

I was wondering if any of you have images shot with a 72 or 87
filter here. Greatly appreciated...

http://www.pbase.com/davenit/ir - My most current IR shots and what
I am looking to be able to do...

Thanks again...

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