How much zoom with a Canon 650D and 300mm lens

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Re: How much zoom with a Canon 650D and 300mm lens

Midwest wrote:

Zwembroek wrote:

I have watched many youtube videos but none of them really showed how much you can zoom with a 300 mm lens.

Does Anyone over here has some similar examples.

I´m looking for a DSLR for Birding, but don´t want a bigger lens then 300mm.

If you buy a Canon, be advised that their 70-300mm IS zoom (NOT the 70-300 IS L lens) is not very good and would be a disappointment. You'd want to get some advice on the best route to attain your 300mm. You'd do better with the kit 55-250 and crop the result s little; with 18mp you have that option.

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Do people really spend $700 on a camera so they can take a picture of a squirrel or a duck?

I beg to differ on that assessment of the 70-300 IS.  I've seen it written time and time again about the 70-300 IS and it's just not the case.  I have that lens and mine is very sharp, very well made and has excellnet focus speed and accuracy on my Rebel T4i.  I'm not sure what lens review site it was reviewed at but it shows the 70-300 IS lens vs. the 55-250 and the 70-300 IS has much better contrast and sharpness.  I just don't get what the obsession is with the 55-250 is on this forum.  It looks like a toy next to the 70-300 IS.  People on here sometimes get way too hung up on getting "L" lenses as well.  I'm mean come on, the 70-300 IS is north of $500 bucks so its by no means cheap.  How much money do people have if there not making money off of this?

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