My 1:1 is more 1:1 than yours

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Re: My 1:1 is more 1:1 than yours

The reproduction ratio of a lens is a physical optical property, just it is interpreted slightly different by the camera depending on the sensor format used (in the same fashion as aperture or depth of field is).

A lens with a 1:1 reproduction ratio will project an image back onto the sensor plane at exactly the same size - so an object 1cm wide will project an image 1cm wide onto the sensor.

What does change is how the sensor interprets this - a 1cm wide image projected will take up much more space on a 13x17mm m4/3 sensor percentage wise than it will on a 24x36mm FF sensor, so while the reproduction ratio stays exactly the same, the crop factor means you get an image that effectively has twice the magnification with m4/3.

The issue here is really just the confusion separating the physical characteristics of a lens like focal length and reproduction ratio from the way a different format interprets it - it may make more sense to expand the title 'equivalent' to what the full title should be of 'equivalent to when compared to a 24x36mm "full frame" sensor'

The reproduction ratio is still 1:1, but is equivalent to 2:1 *when compared to a 24x36mm full frame sensor*

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