third party ink for epson 3880

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Rkelac wrote:

canon person wrote:

I completely concur with you. I think it is counterproductive and foolish to buy a real pro printer for many dollars, and go through the motions of reloading with cheap ink. When I had a Canon I950 printer a million years ago, I tried my hand at reloading carts. WHAT A WASTE & WHAT A MESS!

Why buy a Ferrari and put regular gas in it? It makes no sense. I only us OEM ink and have totally repeatable, non-fading work product.

Canon Person

Couple things to consider that might make it a little more sensible.

1. Almost half the cost of the Epson 3880 is the OEM ink. It doesn't take much printing with OEM ink to have the ink being the major cost.

2. Epson ink has some dye in it in addition to the pigment where Cone Ink is supposedly 100% pigment.

Regarding your item 2. What is the source (a link for review) of your information. I have been using Epson Printers (various Models) for close to 10 years and as far as I remember i don't recall having ever read such information regarding Epson Pigment Inks having some Dye content. I realize there are some Epson Printer Models that use Dye ink.

My opinion is that we are just "Joking ourselves" when we think we know the exact formulation of the various inks -- both OEM and NON OEM.

I have used Epson OEM Pigment inks in the past. I have ALSO used Non Epson OEM inks for 3 different Epson Models for a few years with excellent results. The last to use non Epson OEM inks is the 3880 and I have not had even one issue with it.

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