Who here uses a monopod?

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Re: Who here uses a monopod?

I have a Gitzo monopod w. interchangeable feet, that I use w. my Canon G12.  And I almost never use the camera with it or the tripod.

Exposure: Using the 80 mm foot, 1 sec exposures become hit or miss; 1/2 sec or less are almost guaranteed.

Most helpful:

  1. Crowded conditions.  Tripods obstruct people, while monopods have the footprint of a cane.
  2. Long hikes.  Less weight & less awkward to carry, and in a pinch become a walking stick. (WARNING: Do not put your weight on one.)
  3. Quick setup.  When you need to add exposure time, and do so very quickly.

Bottom Line: Get it for when you need longer exposures, and tripods are not practical.  1 sec  exposures are ´╗┐really pushing it´╗┐, so for those & longer, bring the tripod.

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