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Re: More - SATA to ESATA

Thanks pthoutex

I looked at you newegg link and that Rosewill enclosure looks exactly looks like my Sabrent. Only diff is Sabrent also has an HDD Pata capability.   Sabrent is impressively constructed, I'd bet a truck could run over it with no damage to HDD inside!!  I did not try the Sabrent until way past return date, so like yours mine also has bad esata controller. But since USB is fast and has both HDD Pata and Sata connection, probably worth keeping.

My Sabrent also has fan, but the little air filter is on the fans exhaust side (blowing out)!!! Yours also?? But easy to flip fan over so fan intake is through circular filter. Same screw mounts and fan power cable long enough.

Regarding cooling, I always thought fan better. But the MaxStar3 does not have a fan so evidently the conduction of HDD heat to the aluminum case keeps it cool. I just ran writes to the NaxStar3 HDD (Seagate) for total of about 8 mins. The HDD temp rose from 35C to 40C. My PC internal HDD are 40C. Also, the sata-esata write time to MaxStar3 for a PC internal 9.6GB (9 point 6 Gig Bytes) folder of 463 files took 3min42sec.


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