Any reviews of the Panasonic GH3 ??

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None in depth so far

dave gaines wrote:

Are there any reviews of the GH3 I can read on line? The blurb here on dpreview is just an announcement with specs. It's short on user info.

I'm going to see and hopeflully test the Panasonic Lumix DHC-GH3 tomorrow at a local camera store. There's a presentation by NatGeo photographer, Ira Block about the camera with Q&A afterwards. I'd like to read more about the camera before the presentation.

I may take my Olympus E-5 with the 4/3 version Pan/Leica 25 mm f/1.4, in case he has an adapter to test it out with. Anyway, the presentation should be interesting.

Panasonic put a number of cameras out for review to some of the usual suspects, but these 'reviews' have shown two common characteristics:

  • they have all been essentially rehashes of the published specification with a few personal observations thrown in, making them more 'previews' than 'reviews'.
  • they have all been done with firmware version 0.5 rather than the shipping version which is presumably version 1.0.

The kind of in depth review that we are accustomed to from websites like dpreview will take longer to appear, so anyone purchasing right now is taking the usual risk of being on the bleeding edge.

To my mind any in depth review of the GH3 should cover both its performance as a video camera and as a stills camera.

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