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I have your solution for FUTURE shooting and to make the current one better ;)

Ok, their is a little you can do with this in LR.. You bring down the SAT of just red and orange.

Someone mentioned here already, but use a color gell on your flash when shooting in 3000K light.

If the room is VERY red, use a 2600-3000K Gel. your flash will now MATCH the ambient light. If its KINDA warm, use 3200-3500 slightly orange.

It is AMAZING how well it works. In churches I use their nature light with a little orange from my flash to fill in the eyes.

This is on of those things that separates the pros from the amateurs. Color gels on their lights

cpharm86 wrote:

Just getting back into photography this year so this question is no doubt basic. I tend to get a red/orange hue with candid shots using flash in most venues. Some are more prominant than others. I know I can fix in LR4 etc but is there anything I can do to reduce prior to developing? 

Lens was Canon 24-70L ii

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