Mack Warranty and PC Nation (How they will treat you in a pinch.)

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Re: Mack Warranty and PC Nation (How they will treat you in a pinch.)

garyhgaryh wrote:

captain fid wrote:

I hate this for you.

I'm can only admire pro's (who go to Hawaii) from a distance, so I can't imagine being in this situation. I know you have backup cameras and you stated the D800E is 'the' camera and you're under time constraints.

At the same time, I also feel Pearl (who makes me want to purchase an D800 from her) seems to go WAY BEYOND the norm to watch out for her customers. Her above, polite explanation certainly puts things in perspective.

I hope this works out for you in the end and wondered if you had considered renting another like model while on assignment (either locally or back on the west coast). It seems when I checked on renting an 800 for eval, the prices were quite reasonable.

Best of luck, show us some pictures...

If this was in pearl's hands, she would take care of it. Unfortunately, this is now Nikon warranty or Mack's issue and it seems like the process is being following, but the OP is throwing a wrench into the process by asking for a loaner? Was this even part of the warranty? The warranty is for a camera replacement if it was damage. From what I see, the wheels are turning and I think the process has started. You cannot say the warranty is a sham... yet... Only time will tell.

Pearl took care of my d800e when my 10-pin broke. She came to me hollering that I didn't come to her. So you bet if Pearl could, she would replace your d800e. You broke it, but aren't you glad you got a warranty? Warranty doesn't cover a backup camera. That's on you.


I understand and agree - Hence the 'WAY BEYOND' comment from above.

Gary, I also remember your issue with the 10-pin connector and her support there. You did a great job of documenting with-in another thread. As a future purchaser, I wouldn't hesitate to call Pearl when the time comes. Fact is, the 10-pin problem (even though you found and reported the cause later) has me slightly more concerned than the LF issue.

I honestly felt sorry for the OP until I read that he couldn't find a 'local' source for rental.

I'm just a hobbyist, yet I'm sure Lens Rental could have supplied OP with a d800/e for the duration of his stay. The $500 spent with them would have been well spent.

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