I'm a believer, 6400 ISO C3/Zeiss 24mm

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Re: The ISO was set to 6400. Two reasons:

chromnd wrote:

uhligfd wrote:

If you experience repeated motion blur at 1/200 sec at 24mm focal length, may I suggest you lay off the coffee or whatever makes you shake so much. Maybe learn to hold a camera steady with elbow bracing, ... Eventually one should be able to hold that lens steady at around 1/60 to 1/100 sec at the worst and down to to 1/30 or 1/15 sec at the best of one's physical conditioning.

And if this is due a medical condition, I apologize for bringing it up. Sorry.

As uhligfd already said, I also wonder how on earth you can have motion blur with 1/200 and 24mm.

But what's another aspect of this test: You have not really a lighting condition that requires ISO6400. If you come in a situation where you'll need ISO 6400 with 24mm and maybe a shutter speed of 1/40s @ f.18, you'll notice much more noise as the noise gets worse in the dark.

So for a better noise test, just go out at night, put your camera to ISO 6400 and try to capture some static night scene, that has just enough light for <1/60s at 24mm and f1.8.

Noise does get worse in the dark but remember that a high shutter speed simulates dark. Your logic does not work.

A scene exposed for 1/30s will project the same amount of light on the sensor and produce the same results as the same scene with 3 stops more light exposed for 1/240s.

The reason why such a thing as "bad light" is percieved to a more stringent test of the ISO performance of a sensor is because dark scenes are often underexposed and much higher contrast (from streetlamps and such) than daylit scenes. In such a scene, you are testing the dynamic range of the sensor rather than just the noise. All else being equal, higher shutter speeds do accurately simulate a dark scene.

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