From Nikon D700 to OMD EM5

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Re: From Nikon D700 to OMD EM5

I was a long-time Nikon user in the film era, was a late adopter of digital (2005), deliberately shied away from the bulky pro and semi-pro bodies and fast zooms because I knew that equipment of that bulk and heft would be left at home (I combine photography with travelling, often business trips where I'm limited in how much I can or want to take) and found all my digital gear until the E-M5 a compromise. 16MP is plenty of resolution (as is 10-12 frankly) but my GH-1 and, before that, Sony R1 compromised high ISO performance, low light focusing and, in particular, dynamic range, more than I was comfortable with.

The E-M5 and two fast Lumix zooms are in my view a good basic kit; I also have the 12mm (limited edition black) and will get the 60 macro for times when I want a camera and a pocketable spare lens when carrying a gadget bag is impractical. While I haven't yet had a chance to test the 12mm, early indications are that the performance of the lenses is very satisfactory. For the first time I think there's a really small digital camera system that delivers performance that is likely to fully satisfy me, and probably many other enthusiastic amateurs.

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