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dpmaxwell wrote:

andrbar wrote:

If the P7700 obeys the minimum shutter speed then they have advanced on the P7100.

Although I'm not interested in the P7700, I'm curious about that.

I wrote to Nikon about this problem wiith the P7100, with no answer.

I've never understood why the P7100 won't obey the minimum shutter speed...

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It will not "obey" the minimum shutter speed once it bumps up against the max ISO (which is 1600 in AUTO). I assume it does this because otherwise you would just get a severely underexposed picture. So it overrides the minimum shutter speed setting once it can't raise the ISO above where you have it set. But until it has to use more than the ISO you have set, it will not go slower than the minimum shutter speed.

In practical use - if you are that concerned with how the camera is adjusting shutter speed in this kind of situation, you might just want to move on over to "M" mode and set it up how you want.

Sorry to use your words but I just duplicated these settings on my P7100
AUTO ISO, Aperture priority mode, minimum shutter speed OFF, NRW+fine QAL. Took a shot in a dark room and ISO the camera chose is 800. With a shutter speed of 1 second, blurry photo.
The maximum ISO we can get with a P7100 is 800 in auto.
Like I said it's not a problem, in fact I was originally disturbed when using a D90 in manual that regardless of my settings the camera was taking photos with the "correct" exposure, until I realised the ISO was floating. And like you said if you really want higher ISO then set it to what you need.

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