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Re: Taylor Swift NEX 5R Commercial

Elijah C Skuggs wrote:

makeitso wrote:

Elijah C Skuggs wrote:

makeitso wrote:

Are we all P&S shooters who extend our arms to get a shot? Working in concerts and the like you don't want your LCD being a focal point to those behind you so generally your face is up in the LCD trying to block the LCD. The reversed left hand should be some indication that she's purposely trying to be compact.

I don't understand what you're saying. You can't see the LCD screen that close to your face, and you can't see your subject. If you did what she is doing, you wouldn't see what you're taking a picture of.

The camera appears to be 6"-12" from her face. I often do this especially when trying to achieve critical focus. Also this position provides better stability than extended arms. If this is too close for your eyes to focus it is good the NEX has a great screen and are able to see adequate detail with the camera further away. But its ignorant to say you can't see anything with the camera that close.

First of all, I'm not ignorant. I own an NEX.

You're the only one who posted here that thinks it's away from her face. Maybe you're the only one who is right, but it looks nearly touching her face IMHO.

Again, if you have a problem with your own eyes focusing on an object 6" from your face that's a problem YOU have.  In concerts and the like you WANT to cover up as much of the screen as possible with your head in order for your very bright (contrast to the area around you) LCD screen to become a distraction to those around you.  Think about it - in a movie theater, someone's cell phone's screen lights up, you're drawn to look at it.  Fortunately, most people can focus on something 4-6" from their face, and while it does take up most of your field of view, easily can use a camera like this and being a minimal distraction to others around you.

DOF 101:  When everything is in focus, it flattens out the picture.  In your photo everything beyond a few inches from the capture camera is in focus so does little to help your case.  How far is the camera from her face?  How far is the stairs behind her?  You really can't tell with the wide DOF.  But in any case this is a ridiculous point to need to make and if you're still ignorant, so be it.

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