D7100 specs – what do you really think?

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Re: D7100 specs – what do you really think?

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

Between $1,000 and 2100? Sure there is. They'd be very foolish not to. The D5200 will drop well below 1,000 I get the feeling. It is the D5100 replacement, after all.

What I mean is, they can't be too close to one another. For example, if 7100 was $1200, and 5200 $1000, I guess hardly anybody would buy a 5200, or else had 7100 been spec'ed weak (comparatively) noone would buy a 7100. Same with 7100 <--> 400 <--> lowest-priced FX.

How would you space them? with a $333? Then D400 at $1700 and FX ~2k wouldn't likely sell many D400s, even if all the members of ProDX board bought five each.

Then D7100 at $1333 would include what on top of D5200? New AF? Then D400 would also have to have it, and then you would sell D400 on what? Weather sealing?

I guess we will see soon enough.

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