GXR A12 28 Dynamic range performance

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Re: GXR A12 28 Dynamic range performance

Rob, with respect, this "old tech" argument comes up with great regularity.  Ricoh makes cameras that you might be expected to keep for a number of years (happily) whilst the "tech" keeps marching on.  They are easy to use, take good images, and the fact that their price is holding up is actually a good sign, not a reason to not buy (only buying if the price of old tech is discounted).  This means that their GXR is still regarded by many as a useful modern camera system and that various components are still selling well enough for Ricoh to abstain from piqueing the market by a substantially reduced price.

Your comments on the lack of news of additions to the system are quite valid and mean more if there is nothing in the present line up that a prospective buyer might want.  Ricoh are short on news of where they are going but all indications say that they are not about to flee from the digital camera scene.

Here we have a prospective buyer simply asking about dynamic range and the simple answer was "don't buy" as the system is getting on a bit.

Unfortunately I don't have the A12 28 and wouldn't know how to specifically measure comparative dynamic range but for my tired old eyes the DR of my A12 mount module seems fine.  At the extremes of low light or over-exposure it would struggle a bit, but then most digital cameras do. I will leave the dynamic range answers to those best equipped to answer them.  But the GXR in it's present iteration is hardly ready for the scrap heap or dangerous to use.

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