Fed up with Canon How about Metz?

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Re: A bit more info

John Deerfield wrote:

I didn't want to say what I was using because I didn't want this to be a war of brands. However, the camera is still responsible for all the calculations for determining exposure, in TTL. With any TTL flash system I know of, a pre-flash is fired. The camera's metering reads this pre-flash and now knows the ambient and the flash reading the give you what the camera thinks is proper exposure. You can set the flash to Evaluative or Average and this will in turn affect the camera's calculations as to what the flash output should be, but it is the camera making the call. This is why I am not so sure that a different brand of flash is going to be any more consistent than a Canon flash. All I really wanted to add to the conversation was that I too was in the position where I was very frustrated with the inconsistencies I was getting shooting my Canon camera in manual and my flash in TTL. It seemed I was always riding my FEC... but my solution was more dramatic.

Fair enough. This was the same reason why I experimented with Metz and was punished by the Canon flash owners after stating my findings   Plain and simple - the Auto smoked Canon for exposure accuracy.

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