D600, D700, or D800 - overasked for sure!!!

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Re: D600, D700, or D800 - overasked for sure!!!

John Motts wrote:

rpps wrote:

John Motts wrote:

rpps wrote:

So I'm happy with my D700 and don't get carried away reading about the bigger 24MP sensor, the D700's sensor is only 12MP but I can get just as dynamic photo using that plus my photos are clearer, sharp and in focus. Also the smaller file size is a lot better to deal with on the CP.

Here's my 2 photos, taken of the same boring subject my backyard. I used the same aperture settings and I focussed on the large tree in the background with both cameras. To see the difference open the photo up from my library and look at the full size.

Actually the D600 image is quite a lot better than the D700 one. The D700 just has a lot more sharpening.

Both have to same amount of sharpening applied 25.5.4 in CNX2
, I'm looking at these on a 27" IPS screen (Glossy) and calibrated.

This isn't really a proper comparison to be fair.

Firstly the two files are not the same size - the D700 file that you have shown is bigger than the D600.

The two are not at the same ISO

The D700 is over sharpened - the D600 file looks far more natural. You should apply different degrees of sharpening to files from different cameras.

Even given these disadvantages the D600 looks better. Give the D600 file a bit more sharpening and a tweak in levels to match the D700 file and it looks vastly better than the D700 file (D600 on the right, both reproduced at the size you supplied, the D700 file untouched).

Thanks for your advice. I re-edited the RAW file in CNX2 again and increased the contrast slider to 26 and icreased the output sharpening to 40.5.4 and the photo looks a lot better. This is about double of what I used on my original post and photos, just a bit different to what I had to use with my D700.

Thank god I thought I would have to give up on the D600 which I want to keep, as I love the way I can crop photos when the need arrives and still have plenty of resolution left to produce a good looking photo.

Here's another couple of photos if you don't mind having a look, the original and a cropped version this is why I like the D600.

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