Better deal: $299 for a new G3 with 14-44 lens, or $1,299 for a GH3 body?

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Charles Pike
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I have owned the G3 since Jan 2012.

Last Jan I ordered my G3 from B&H, as I thought that it was being replaced by the GX1.  The price of the G3 had dropped that time also, but not as much as it is down today.  Funny thing is that when you check out the price online, the camera with out the body is $289.  So, for $10 you get the len.  I had the GF1 when I purchased the G3.  I had given my son my old Nikon D200, but he brought it back saying it was too big.  So, I gave him the old GF1 along with the lens that came with the G3, as I had the better 14-45mm zoom lens.

I used the the G3 with the 14mm during the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.  I was doing street photography, had the camera set to focus on nearest subject, and it worked really well.  I shoot the street, and that is what was on the street for four days.  Our paper just announced that the Rep. are going to be in town next month and might have their convention here in 2016, and I will shoot that as well.  It isn't about politics, it is about shooting the street.

The G3 is not the newest camera out there, but it is the best camera that I have owned in over 40 years of shooting.  How many thousands of dollars would this camera have cost back in 2002/?  I paid $750 for the Nikon 5000 that was marked down from around $1,250.  So what a bagain the G3 is at todays prices.

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