Tell me your process from RAW to JPEG

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Re: Tell me your process from RAW to JPEG

Squancho wrote:

Hey guys, so my question is: What is your process from upload to final save? I put a lot of my photos online whether it be FB or or whatever so obviously I have to downscale my RAW photos. Right now what I do is upload them to a file, create a sub folder in that final named "resized" or something along those lines and throw them into a droplet to reduce the size and save as jpeg in order for them to be suitable to put online. Then I will go through and edit the ones I see fit to put online after resizing them. Theres a huge chance this is completely wrong and I'm way off, thats what I'm trying to find out. I use Photoshop CS6 to edit and Bridge CS6 to organize. to Is there an easier way? What do you do? Tell me your opinions! I'm totally open minded, thanks in advance!


Well, here is my list:

1) Shoot in RAW.

2) Using EOSUtility, download the RAW files to a directory in my PC.

3) Process the RAW files using Lightroom 4.3 and save the full size JPEGs to a processed directory.

4) Use Faststone 4.6 to see the results and to reduce the size (tipically 1800x1200 will fill my 24 inches 1920x1200 pixels monitor and the size will be on the order of 500 kbytes per picture).


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