Mack Warranty and PC Nation (How they will treat you in a pinch.)

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Re: Mack Warranty and PC Nation (How they will treat you in a pinch.)

olindacat wrote:

Still another asked why I didn't 'rent'. Come to Maui and show me a rental place with D800Es available for rent. Believe me, I'd rent in one hour if I could.

It may not be available locally, but it should certainly be possible to get a body rented and shipped out to you, so you would only be down for a day or two.

So far the story sounds about what I would expect for a standard warranty - I have no doubt it will be sorted out in the end, just it can take time to go through the process.

Would it perhaps be worth looking to joining the Nikon Professional Services or other professional targeted service in the future? I believe the Mack warranty is just a standard 'you break it, we fix it' service, while some of the fancier options will supply loaner cameras and quick turnarounds for those that are relying on the cameras.

I am interested in what exactly happened to your camera to have it ripped apart, you don't happen to know the guy who got a 5dIII eaten by a lion recently?

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