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Re: Rudy you're a legend....

RudyPohl wrote:

To be a bit more nuanced in my response, rather than saying that the shot is everything, maybe it's better said like this... It all depends on who will be viewing the photo and how it will be displayed, plus what is the photographer looking for in his overall experience.

What I feel we should be careful of not doing is setting the technical bar so high that those who aren't there yet, or those who don't want to be there, will feel bad about what they do and create, get discouraged, or push themselves beyond where they really want to go with photography. Being too technical risks this result.

In the end, I think both emphasis are perfectly valid and both are needed in a robust, fun, online community like this one.


Mr Pohl,

Hee hee - I thought the Panasonic forum didn't allow no arguments! 

In fact you've answered yourself in the fashion I was about to.  At bottom, I think you do agree that "everything matters"; but perhaps not about the relative importances.

But then I agree that the technicalities and their competant usage is just the begining of photography; a neccessary but not sufficient condition for becoming "a photographer".  After that comes the craft of composing the image to convey the message and doing so at the decisive moment - not to mention all the skill and effort required to get to where and when composing at the decisive moment can take place.  Then PPing it "artistically" (which also requires technical skill, of course).

However, as you have now said, "It all depends on who will be viewing the photo and how it will be displayed".  To which I'd add: "and the purpose of the image".  For example, who wants a wedding or product photographer who is just a snapper with an inexpensive Fuji digicam set on auto?  One feels that blurry purplish wedding dresses will not do. 

Well they are the professionals, I know, those wedding and product photogs.  And you are right to point out that very many folk are pleased by snaps from their phones (not to mention clashy low bitrate tunes from their ear-manglers, a terrible waste of all that excellent orchestral artistry and recording know-how; but I digress).  I have no objection, despite the proto-curl trying to get on to my lip. It's a matter of taste, etc..  (Oh, and marketing of even the best art & craft as a mere product made down to a price and in only one tick or tock).

Some illustrative (I hope) observations......

If the photographers who are the subject of this thread were inept with the technicalities of the FZ200, would they have managed to compose & capture those excellent compositions at the decisive moment?  In my experience good photographers (in the sense of making stunning photos) always know how to use the camera ... and very well.  And the photo-editor.

When I show technically "correct" photos alongside snaps of the same place (as in collections of holiday photos taken by me and holidaying friends) on the 30" monitor, there is always some form of desire expressed that says, "I wish my photos were as arresting as yours".  Whilst there might be a little improvement in my compositions over theirs, of the same scenes, the real difference is the technical quality of my images compared to those unPP'd from their auto-set digicam or phone.  This is more evident on that merciless monitor, mind.

Once I have given a splendid cabinet I have made to a friend or neighbour, they see their Ikea stuff with new and sceptical eyes.  Before long it is heading for the 2nd hand shop whilst they obtain better stuff or pester me for another cabinet like the first.  The same happens when those used to listening to music on a tinny tranny hear a proper stereo.  In short, people's standards often go up when they realise they can.

The FZ200, as we know, is capable of stunning images - see the first post of this thread and any number of other images in this forum.  Why degrade the FZ200 potential by remaining inept at the technicalities that will get the most out of it?  Buy a $99.99 digicam instead, if it's really just the subject-matter and composition that count.  Hell, make a pinhole camera for nowt, as we did at school!  (I suppose you'd have to buy film).

But we do agree, really.  I confess, though, to being a wee snob when it comes to the quality thing (not just in photos).  Why settle for less when more costs nothing but a bit of effort to acquire the skill to make more?  We already have the capable tools, such as an FZ200.

This rushing, it'll-do modern life!  Cuh!!

SirLataxe, well astride his hobby-hoss and spurring it about the place.

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