Epson R3000 vs Pro 3880 - IQ and opinions (long)

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Re: Epson R3000 vs Pro 3880 - IQ and opinions (long)

Alex Sarbu wrote:

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- Is the absence of the wasted ink tank something I have to worry in the R3000? (I hate to know that at some point I will have to send the printer to maintenance for such a trivial issue).


Unfortunately I don't have an answer/advice, but questions on the same subject: can the waste ink tank's counter be reset by the user, and I'm talking about European "versions" - I remember reading somewhere that, at least for some "official" program, the serial number is required (thus possible differences between e.g. US and EU "versions" - even if it's the same printer).

I'm well aware that one shouldn't reset it more than once, without installing an external waste ink bottle. And it should fill after few years of "normal" usage, right?

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It is recommend to install a waste ink tank for the R3000 after you've reset the waste ink tank counter for the first time. Installing the tank is not hard at all - the tank hoses are right behind the right side panel.

Complete waste ink tanks are available for approx. 15 USD. Installation is a matter of loosening 3 screws in the back and 1 on the right side panel, opening the right side panel, unclipping the hoses, installing the tank hose and routing the hose outside the printer through the openings in the back cover (or drilling a suitable hole). The installation is a ten minute job.

The counter can be reset using a reset tool and purchasing a reset code for it (10 USD). This tool will reset the counter back to zero. The "official" program is not available in Europe, but it is not all that useful anyway, as it will not reset the counter to zero.


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