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coudet wrote:

D600 ate the D400 price slot. No room for DX camera there anymore.

Most buyers at the $1500-$2200 price level are not buying only on price - they are looking for a camera that meets specific needs.  The D600 is in a different class than a D300/D400 and meets the needs of different buyers.

Only a dumb manufacturer creates products only based on price. A smart manufacturer understands the different segments of needs in the market and brings products to market that meet those needs.  It is possible and common for a manufacturer to have multiple different products that meet different needs at a similar price level.

Look at the Nikon V1 at $899 and J1 at $649 and the D3200 at $699 and D5100 at $849.  This is exactly what we're talking about.  Cameras that serve different needs at similar price levels.

There is absolutely no reason why a D400 and D600 couldn't be at similar price levels because they would serve very different needs in the marketplace.  Those who want a D400 for what it's best at wouldn't be interested in a D600 and vice versa.

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