GX1 - where do I go from here?

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Re: GX1 - where do I go from here?

Thank you all for your responses. I should probably clarify that it's not that my Leica nor Nikon system don't get used but I'd say probably something more specific such as street shooting around Tokyo or doing some proper product, portrait, or landscape shooting with those systems respectively.

Recently though I've just had a newborn and in fact currently travelling with him. As one might guess with a baby, parents have to lug around more baby gear and therefore I'd have to prioritise what camera gear I can bring along. These days the pocket camera technology has improved considerably that one could have something decently small yet, if the right product chosen, could be borderline on low end D-SLR without the bulk. This is where I think the new mirrorless technology has come - and at least for me started with my GF1 from a few years back.

Now though it seems mirrorless has gone into full swing that I've not caught up enough. When I bought the GX1 I thought this would suffice like how my GF1 lasted for about 2 (or 3? years). For the most part of very still (and non-flash required) subjects, it works fine. However these days taking pictures of an active newborn in closeup, or in family dinners the focus lock isn't so fast, the built-in flash coverage is somewhat limited, and the ISO noise is not that fantastic.

I'll admit that I have been spoilt by my D800E and even former D3. I am practical enough not to expect that level of quality in a compact mirrorless system, but just merely trying to find the best a micro4/3 (or even mirrorless APS-C) can do. With that said, naturally I think the GX1 isn't the best a micro4/3 can do...or has the technology not progressed as far as I had expected?

The flash issue is easily solved, but probably more the focus speed and ISO noise are the more specific areas I'll need to dig in more. But thank you all for your responses though. I have taken them to heart and it's given me more food for thought and where else to research.

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