Write speeds of current SD cards and how they affect recording of videos??

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Re: Write speeds of current SD cards and how they affect recording of videos??

I can't say that I found the answer with this AVS thread but the replies were interesting.


In the discussion -

1- An explanation of megabits per sec, abbreviated Gb, and Megabytes per second, abbreviated MB. ‚ÄčInternet usage on this point is not very consistent.

2- I had mixed results using very cheap and supposedly slow 2 & 4 GB SD cards to record very short duration high-speed video (owner's manual says 50 Gb speed required). Only one card failed on recording, by skipping frames. 3-4 cards worked fine for my application.

3 - There is a free program to test SD card speed mentioned in reply #2. I have not tried it.

To be safe you should buy exactly the card specified in the owner's manual. SD cards described as slower might also work for your application but I would test before relying on the card.

There is probably also a speed performance issue regarding file fragmentation, the need to reformat the cards, etc. but I have found no information on fragmentation effects on recording. ?

dpreview thread on the same topic.


Scorrpio discussed the likely use of the camera's buffer for recording.


Chas Tennis

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