No exposure compensation button on FZ 200?

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Re: No exposure compensation button on FZ 200?

spigot wrote:

ANAYV wrote:

Press the rear dial in, and you now can chose between EV or aperture/shutter.

Whatever is highlighted in Yellow, that is what the rear dial will control.

Pressing the rear dial,switches between them.

Hope this helps.


clearzoom wrote:

Pier47 -
thread - exposure value

"rear dial" in FZ200 per manual and not wheel anymore

exactly - turned the "rear dial" few times and never changed or highlighted to EV values?
in all PSAM, mode, it highlight either aperture or shutter speed

The EV is a function of aperture/shutter speed, right? Also it doesn't seem to show up in the exif data for the jpg files.

Well, it shows up as "Exposure Bias" when I use Windows Live Gallery and ask for Properties.  In Corel PSP, it is in Image Information, EXIF Information, Exposure Bias.  And pretty much ALL of the camera settings are available (beyond EXIF) in Photofunstudio, which is the ONLY reason I installed that.  I'd yanked it off, then reinstalled it after discovering there was setting info it had I couldn't see otherwise. Naturally, any adjustments to the exposure done with this dial are in relation to the settings already chosen by the camera's metering.

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