EVF and weight of xs1

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Re: EVF and weight of xs1

ClearZoom, I recently recieved my XS-1 around 60 days ago.  I recently returned from a week's holiday where I shot 700+ frames, and my opinion would be . . . .

1)  This is my first digital with an EVF.  I was very prepared to think 'it's OK, but it's not like a true mirror/pentaprism finder'.  Well, it's obviously not, but it is just fine.  I can find no case where it 'smears' with fast panning, it's not a 'grainy' look, and thankfully for my bifocal-wearing eyes, the included diopter adjustment is sufficient to dial it in to the correct sharpness, and I can see it all easily while wearing my glasses.  In fact, I hardly ever use the rear LCD to frame shots.

2)  I came from using metal-bodied film cameras, so the weight is familiar to me and not objectionable.  I much prefer it from the usual plastic/composite bodied cameras like the HS cameras or the FZ Panasonic.  I have BIG respect for the FZ 150 / 200 Panasonics, but ultimately could not bring myself to buy one due to the plastic body.  The covering on the XS is something my fingers are still getting used to, but it works very well.  It IS a handful with the EF42 flash attached, but I like it.

All the Best

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