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Re: Nikon DSLR myths in the discussion

ForeignerOnEarth wrote:

1. Any FX body is the better choice than any high-end DX body.

2. Low-end FX body must have clearly higher price than the high-end DX body.

3. The customers calculate the price of bodies only, the sum of lenses prices are unimportaint.

4. Every D7000, D90, D200, D300 and D300s owner has only one reason why he owns DX body - he does not have enough money for some FX body.

5. D300s ---> D600 is the upgrade.

6. D800 is the perfect DX body for DX lenses and the 0.70x only viewfinder is not the problem for DX permanent using.

7. Everybody wants the smaller body and D300s owners will be happy with the D7100 ergonomy

8. Nobody solves any price gap in D3200, D5100, D5200, J1, V1, J2, V2, P7000, ... but everybody solves the gap between D5200 and D600 and D400 must be much cheaper than D600 after the discount, but V2 does not have to be much cheaper than D3200, although CX is smaller sensor as DX too.

9. Every owner of DX lens line (included DX lenses and FX lenses better used as DX) will be happy to buy FX lens line.

10. These FX lenses have only 2.5 stars:




and these DX equivalent lenses have 4 and 3.5 stars:



but it is not importaint. There is everytimes better to sell 4-stars lenses and buy 2.5 stars lenses, FX is everytimes better for all.

Most excellent points (all of them)!  Well said.

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