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Re: ATOMOS Ninja 2 Video Recorder

I use the following setup when I am shooting video with my D800E (or D4) on a video tripod mount:  Zacuto DSLR base with a Z-focus; Zacuto EVF with a Z-Finder 2.5 Pro connected in series with an Atomos Ninja-2; Mosaic Engineering VAF-D800 AA filter.  I always use the Tassinflat PC settings that I downloaded from the Internet to maximize flexibility in post-processing and record the clean HDMI output using the ProRes HQ format to an SSD disk in the Ninja.  When I shoot video hand-held, I mount my Z-Finder to a tall body Zacuto mounting frame to magnify the LCD screen on the camera.  I find that I get the best manual focusing using the EVF instead of the image on the LCD or Ninja.  I alway shoot in manual mode with fixed shutter speed (i.e., 1/50 for 23.98 fps) and adjust my aperture in live view with the DOF and Function buttons to optimize exposure using the histogram on the camera's LCD screen.  I use a Singh-Ray variable ND filter to achieve shallow DOF in excess lighting conditions.   Recording the camera's HDMI output to the Ninja enables me to make aperture adjustments while recording and eliminates the time-consuming process of rendering the compressed H.264 files that the camera records to the memory cards after importing to FCP-X


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