Bronzing on R3000 with IRK4-nano ink on pearl paper

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Re: Bronzing on R3000 with IRK4-nano ink on pearl paper

Hugowolf wrote:

Are you sure you have run enough prints since installing the new PK cartridge to ensure most of the previous InkRepublic ink has been purged?

Yes, I printed a lot of pictures since, and I still have the same problem.

Has any of you experienced the same thing? Could that be related to mixing inks?

Yes, mixing inks could have some effect, but the PK is by far the most major factor.

That's what I thought: it happens in the black areas, so there shouldn't be a lot of non-PK ink there...

You could stick with the Epson PK cartridges, and go third party for the others. I would watch out for gloss differential on some colors too, especially magnetas.

I'm in Europe, and the other sellers have huge international shipping cost. I already have several full bottles of IRK4 ink (other colors) so I'd like to be sure the problem is not from my side before trying another brand, which would be very expensive...

I'll check the magenta.


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