FZ200 VS Nikon D5100

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Re: FZ200 VS Nikon D5100

Buzz Lightyear wrote:

toomanycanons wrote:

Jeez, Buzz, couldn't you have posted up two more different pics for your comparison?

Well - perhaps my comparison was more like apples to oranges - but my point (and I admit, it was not that well framed)... is that you don't need a large sensor camera to achieve high quality imagery with the FZ200 - IF you know the sweet spot where this camera shines, and don't attempt to push it into territory where you know it has limitations. I was thinking of doing a head-to-head comparison of identical shots to see the IQ differences, but it didn't want my post to become a boxing match between two essentially dissimilar opponents (which obviously it already has). I only wanted to say (metaphorically), . . . in the right setting, the FZ200 is a worthy "boxing" competitor. After spending time working with the Nikon, I was pleasantly surprised to see that some of the results I had gotten from the FZ200 seemed on an equal par with some of the shots I was getting with the D5100. That surprised me. I am well aware that the kit lens of the D5100 is not the highest quality glass you could put on it -- but from postings and research I have looked into, it is not all that bad either. I am still learning how to use the Nikon, so maybe in a few weeks I may feel differently - but I kind of doubt it. I just get tired of the criticisms thrown at the FZ200 by what appear to be DSLR "jocks" who take every opportunity to diss the capabilities of the FZ200 just because they see it as a 97 lb weakling that has no chance of competing with their 225 lb DSLR! I've also said before that IQ alone should not be the only criteria for judging the value of a camera. I'm happy to have the Nikon in my stable and I expect it will outperform the Panasonic under the kind of conditions where I know the FZ200 will falter (which is why I bought it) -- but the FZ200 would be my first choice for a lightweight (97 lbs vs 225 lbs) travel camera, that can run circles around the D5100's video output, and still can produce quality images on a par with the D5100 under certain circumstances. That's really all I wanted to convey.

.........and you conveyed it perfectly well.  I can't help but feel that some people are deliberately misinterpreting.  The use of The FZ200 in what is reputed to be the Nikon's speciality area makes a valuable point.

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