Pentax Adapter Q for K-mount Lenses in stock.

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Re: Pentax Adapter Q for K-mount Lenses in stock.

Hi Scott, Thanks for your detailed reply. As always, your expertise is most impressive and your advice very helpful.  I have a DA*300 and could use the tripod foot from it with a Pentax K to Q adapter if I ever acquire one. Rotating between landscape and portrait would not be too important for me as don't change orientation often and when I do my Manfrotto Ball Head is easy to adjust. (I do however appreciate the option on the DA*300)  I always use the tripod mount on that lens as, frankly, I'm concerned that the inexpensive Cirrus adapter would possibly break under the weight of a heavy lens. The steel lens mounting ring on the adapter  appears at first glance to be secured to the black anodized housing with three screws, but on closer examination you can see that one screw is aligned with the slot in the housing for the aperture adjustment pin, so it actually doesn't connect with the housing. I think that the aperture adjustment feature must have been added as a design change and the position of the mounting screws was not considered. These screws are really tiny, I've seen bigger ones in wrist watches.  But I have had no problems with the adapter. It's worked well with my DA limited lenses which, as you know, are small, lightweight,  pancake type. Balance has been OK with them, but would probably not be for heavier lens.

Have you experiences situations where the shutter in the adapter was an important advantage?

Best regards, Geoff.

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