How sad is this?

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christian jacob
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Re: Christian

l_objectif wrote:

Christian, I find your shot by far better than this one and than the other one mentioned in this thread!

Thank you!


BTW, I am a little skeptical about the second place of the same challenge! I have a software called "Bryce" that makes this kind of images. I wonder if this entry is really shot with a camera! I may be wrong, but you never know. How come there is no reflection of the camera or the the shooter?:

Well, I am sure he did it with a camera -- I've done so myself

Some examples (mostly with glass balls, because those are easier):

The trick is in the lighting and high contrasts, and, at least for me, the idea is to make it at first glance look like cgi, and only at second glance you can spot the imperfections of the real world (in the competion entries case, for instance the net is not that regular).

More or less as a reaction to the more and more realistic computer generated images.

I nearly entered one of my versions, but, as I saw the already entered entry, I thought it wouldn't be so unusual anymore, if there were two similar entries

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