Convince me to not buy the RX100

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Re: Just compare it with HX30V...

I checked out the hv30 and while it does have more features for the money i wanted something small with dslr like qualities to be a back up for my heavy d800. The rx100 is far closer then the hv30 which is plasticky with a smaller sensor   I like then low light performance of the rx100. Also I prefer to have PSAM. Now if I were getting someone a PS camera that is not coming from a high end dslr world then the hv30 would be my choice.

aaanouel wrote:

Just compare RX100 with HX30V side by side... compare Image Quality, versatility, creativity, zoom reach, price, etc... for me RX100 is a boring camera (unless having fun while counting and peeping pixels with a magnifier glass). HX30V is all that I and most of the people really need.

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