Help with Portalite Elinchrom 500

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Re: Help with Portalite Elinchrom 500

Peter Berressem wrote:

Ah, you are using the remote ! instead of pressing the button on the flashes ? In this case you should check the frequency etc settings on both flashes (and the transmitter), i.e. whether they are identical.

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cheers, Peter

I think Peter is on the right trail here. It sounds like the optical slave cell is on so when A fires, B will fire too. Check three things.

​Standard vs Speed Operation - If LED on Skyport blinks once every 5 seconds you are in standard mode and your lights should be set to R.1 in the lights menu (default). If LED on Skyport blinks twice every 5 seconds you are in speed mode and your lights should be set to R.2 in the lights menu (default). You change modes on the Skyport trigger by holding the test button for 5 seconds and the blinks will change.

​Frequency - Make sure both lights and Skyport's are using the same Frequency (1-8) so they can talk to each other.

​Group - ​If using just two lights as a general rule I set up my main in group 1 and my fill in group 4. Than while adjusting my ratio I put the Skyport trigger in Group mode so I'm able to isolate and adjust each light independently until I've established the ratio. Once ratio is nailed down I put the Skyport Trigger into All mode​ so both the lights work together.

If after checking all of the above out if your light is still malfunctioning get a hold of Elinchrom service in the country you reside in and let them check out your unit.

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Sincerely, Mark Astmann

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