Current Nex Kit list and wish list with comments

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Re: Current Nex Kit list and wish list with comments

How to use a cheap generic flash on your NEX.

Still, be sure the flash has a low trigger voltage (intended for DSLR or AF SLR).

I do not connect the flash or trigger directly to a camera even when possible - cameras with Minolta hot shoe don't detect standard flashes. Instead, I raise the built-in flash (on the SLR) or attach the accessory flash (on the NEX), and then use properly adjusted Seagull SYK 5 "digital" optical-slave trigger to fire whatever device I want - either radio trigger or the standard flash. In order to block the built-in flash light from reaching anything but the trigger sensor, I put a small carboard box on it - open only on the side where the slave sensor is located. This way the camera assumes it's able to light the scene by the built-in flash, and the LCD/EVF works as a regular viewfinder - without exposure preview.

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