Panasonic GH3 High ISO images

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Re: Panasonic GH3 High ISO images links for Adventsam

rrr_hhh wrote:

Hi Adventsam,

There is a very detailed review of the GH3 with several videos and down at the end of the review there s a test of noise in jpegs.

He also allows you to download some raw images.

Look here. (Warning : the review is very well made and detailed but it is in French)

His conclusion : there is a slight improvement in raw management and DR, but if your main thing is photography, there are other cheaper option which are as good as the GH3 and if you already have a GH2 it isn't worth the price of the upgrade.

It is a very worthful upgrade if you are shooting mainly video.

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The author of the review is admittedly most interested in video.  Personally I think that the improvement in still image IQ is significant.  What's the value of essentially adding one stop of speed to all your lenses?

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