SSD - New life to my MBP

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Paul Szilard
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Re: SSD - New life to my MBP

I can +1 to the SSD option. As I resell computer hardware in Sydney, I already put a SATA 3 SSD 480GB in my MBP 13" 2011, so when I sold that and bought the latest MBP 15" Ivy Bridge non-retina, I swapped the installed HDD with the 480GB SSD even before the first power up. I also pre bought then installed 16GB of ram.

Well, credit to the Apple architecture the SSD from the 13" MBP came up in the new 15" in the usual 25 sec boot, without so much as sigh, and everything worked immediately!

Word of caution: I believe that the Retina MBP's are using PCI mounted SSD chips and NOT standard 2.5" HDD form factor SATA SSDs, so you cannot easily replace the shipped SSD with larger. I think OWC had started shipping some after market replacements, but this is still very restrictive and more costly. That is why I bought the non-retina MBP, (amongst other things).

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