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Re: playmemories camera apps portal online - Nex 5R and Nex 6

Hi Guys,

Just purchased a NEX-6.  The Smart Remote app is the reason i purchased the camera in hopes that with a future update to the app the NEX-6 and 5R will be able to not only toggle the Shutter release but also toggle VIDEO!!!  Currently even when the Smart Remote app is running, even if you manually press the video record button on the camera it gives a warning saying "Video recording not available white running this app.  Please exit app to record Video"

For whatever reason sony decided to leave the video toggle feature out for the NEX-6 and 5R. Upon closer investigation i noticed that the only other camera to use the Playmemories apps is the Sony Action Cam.

The Action cam also uses the PlayMemories app in the same way as the Smart Remote app however it is able to Toggle the video of the camera.  As well as adjust other settings such as EV and interval shooting.

Now i know the Action Cam is primarily a video camera and it obvioustly needs a way to toggle video but i fail to see why Sony has left this capability out for the NEX-6 and 5R considering they are all using the same wifi technology and the same APPS!!!  Why make the same app run differently for different cams.

The only way to toggle video recording remotely at this point is to buy the Sony NEX Remote commander version 2 which was just released.

The reason i want to toggle video from the camera app is so that anyone can use any Tablet or Cell phone as an affordable directors monitor for when on set etc.

I hope sony updates their app or at least let us know why!!

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