D4 - best walk around lens for a Disney Vacation

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Re: D4 - best walk around lens for a Disney Vacation

LD_50 wrote:

I may still add the 24-120 to my kit at some point, especially after hearing such strong opinions in its favor. I believe Michael Reichmann included it in his D800 kit as well.

Yeah, I think we would all love the 24-120 f/4 to be the ultimate lens. I struggled with the same decision, and ended up sticking with the 24-70 f/2.8.

The 24-120 is smaller (and lighter) and has the longer reach and adds VR, so on paper at least, it sounds like a better walk around lens.

I guess it depends on your ultimate goal. If you are looking to publish or sell your shots, then you are probably going to lean towards the 24-70. If the shots are for preserving memories, posting on FB and showing images to family/friends, then the 24-120 is most likely fine.

I tend to lean towards the "snobby" side, and want *everything* in a lens for fear of missing something (IQ, reach, small size/weight, etc.), when really if I step back and think about it more logically, the 24-120 is probably fine as a walk around lens, and I can still keep my 24-70 for more "serious" work. I know when I compared both lenses side-by-side, the size/weight difference was not as great as I expected...

We all get caught up in thinking we have to have the best gear to get the best shots (me included). Sure, great gear helps, and I think the glass has the most influence, but sometimes I think I get too wrapped up in the minutia, and miss the big picture (no pun intended).

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