The breath of nature - Panasonics best FZ 200 site to show the cameras excellent quality

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Re: The breath of nature - Panasonics best FZ 200 site to show the cameras excellent quality

Azelpds wrote:

Totally agree and I think the same. Great points Rudy and I wish more people would think the same way. It's really sad when you do exhibitions for example and people usually want to ask or talk only about the equipment, what you use and so on. Do you like the photos? Do they tell you something? Do they touch you inside?

It's like some people lost the hability to appreciate what they have in front of them and sadly it's not on photography only.

Back to the topic this site it's really amazing. Wow all the videos and photos. Great job and powerful marketing for Panasonic and the FZ200.


That website does indeed have some splendid images although I would prefer it if they filled my 30" monitor. 

Whilst Mr Pohl is correct to mention the importance of the image subject and its composition, this doesn't mean that doing the pixel-peeping and other technical foraging within the FZ200 capabilities is less important.  Everything matters.

In fact, everything matters even more when the photographic instrument is right up at the technical bleeding edge of what's possible.  Even the best composition of the most fascinating subject will be undermined by poor technical execution.  And the tiny sensored FZ200 will certainly have plenty of scope for poor technical execution.

Recall the numbers in the forum only a month ago saying they had sent their FZ200 back as they couldn't get it to do what they wanted.  In fact, it requires careful attention to the technicals of the FZ200 to get it to do it's (very capable) thing.  And also to the PP, IMHO.

There's a general principle that is relevant in these discussions but which rarely comes out.  There is no simple cause & effect in using these complex machines to achieve high quality (in every sense) outputs from them.  Rather, there are a myriad of precursors to taking a good photo that must be somehow achieved and balanced by a knowledgeable and practiced craftsman who knows the tools and how to use them.  So.....

Everything matters.

SirLataxe, not always in favour of that Occam and his razor.

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