New Camera to let a beginner experience in photography

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Re: New Camera to let a beginner experience in photography

Cosentia wrote:

Hello! I'm a newcomer, I found many people with great experience in photography participating in this forum, thus I decided to address here my question.

Since few years I'm experiencing the beauty of photography with a Canon IXUS compact camera which I always carry with me. Time goes by and now I've decided to follow this growing passion and improve my camera.

I'm planing to buy a compact camera with interchangeable lens. First because the camera must be always with me, since the shooting can be just around next corner. Then because I consider myself a beginner, so I need to experiment with shooting, trying to find my representative subject and my own style. For this reason I'd like to play with lens and manual shooting, maybe buying a camera which can be improved by the time.

I'm fascinated by the new Canon EOS M, which is able mount many of EF lens by its adapter. However the cost, including some lens, would probably be too expensive for my budget.

In short, I'm seeking a compact camera with interchangeable lens which would allow me to learn photography by experimenting shooting, playing with lens. However I'm a beginner, so I can not spend money now for a pro Camera.

What model/brand would you suggest to me?

I welcome all suggestions!!

I thank you in advance!

the EOS-M mirrorless camera is good for many situations especially with the smaller size with "pancake lens"   but if you're starting out the Canon 60D, 650D, etc, may be better with the 18-55IS and 55-250IS lens combination. A DSLR with the viewfinder is faster focusing for sports and action and offers other features that are not on the EOS-M

But the Canon M does get good reviews, see pics and comments at the EOS-M section on

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