Any Nikon 135mm f1.8 VRII beta site-ings?

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Zeiss not worth it

Portrait lenses without AF really blow. The Zeiss, while optically sweet, is a dog of a lens very weak for candid portrait work since it has no AF.

I think a lot of folks think a portrait lens means studio and careful setups, but that's just a fraction of the applications. I've used the Zeiss and if someone gave me a copy today I'd sell it tomorrow. This "tradition" of MF lenses is about as nice as a box of rocks. There's simply no reason why Zeiss can't start making AF for Nikon and Canon. They'd sell plenty more (to me and many others), even at higher prices.

If Nikon releases the 135 1.8 I'm not sure I'd sell the 70-200 VRII, but I might make a side-grade to the VR1 version which does not focus breath nearly as much. Then adding the 135 would fill out a nice portrait kit.

In the meantime I'm "stuck" with the 85mm and the 70-200 VRII and not too unhappy about it.



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